Bonaire WEAC628 - 5,500 CFM Evaporative Window Cooler

  • Bonaire Durango 5,500 cfm airflow.  Real cooling, real savings.         No, this is not a mirage, it's the real thing!!
  • Designed to easily cool today's open plan homes and offices (even areas as large as 1,600 sq ft aren't a problem*) the system operates with doors and windows open. So you can always enjoy a healthy breeze of constantly changing fresh air. Which means you don't breathe in what others breathe out.

The three-speed axial fan means you can determine the exact amount of fresh air you desire. Even installation is a pleasant surprise, especially if you do it yourself. Easy to install in a window there's no compressor, so no need for costly electrical connections. Plumbing is just as simple.**

So why not stay inside this summer and enjoy the best of both worlds. Simply by turning on your window fresh air cooler and bringing the fresh outdoors in.

* Subject to geographic locality
** Subject to local plumbing by-laws

Features & Benefits

Life time cabinet guarantee against rust, as polymer cabinet will never rust, ever!

The cabinet of your Bonaire window cooler will out last at least 4 comparable metal coolers in its life time. Think of the cost savings to you.

  • Not an air conditioner - Bonaire coolers bring natural cooling at a fraction of the cost
  • Cools up to 1,600 Square Feet **
  • Delivers an air flow of 5,500 cfm ***
  • Compact external section - only 10" deep.
  • Premium rigid CELdek filter.
  • Powerful yet quiet 1/3 HP 3 - speed axial fan - no need for noisy belts and pulleys.
  • Easy installation - no more chains and half the weight of steel units.
  • Polymer cabinet will never rust.
  • Australian Made.
** Subject to geographic locality
** Industry Standard Measurement
 Owners Manual

 Technical Specifications